Which BMW is Right for You?

BMW Vehicles Driving on the Road

The range of vehicles BMW offers can make some people stop in their tracks the second they walk into the showroom the door. With a range of award-winning, stunning Ultimate Driving Machines available, it can be challenging to know what BMW to buy. Fortunately, figuring that out is half the fun.

You have an idea of what you want your new BMW to do. You know the tasks you're going to give it, the errands you're going to run. How do you want it to drive? Do you need cargo space? Extra passenger room? Do you want a powerful car that races down the highway, or something that joins that power with an agility that lights through turns with grace and ease? Get started by contacting Braman BMW Jupiter today.

Let's talk about which BMW models fulfill each and every goal you have:


BMW Performance

BMW Sport Utilities Review

BMW sport utility and sport activity models combine the cargo and passenger space of an SUV with the raw power and smooth handling of a performance car. They're built with luxurious interiors that make road trips a joy. They tackle uneven terrain, bad roads, and inclement weather with poise. Find The Right BMW Sport Utility For You

The BMW X series of crossovers focuses on the traditional, the futuristic, and the personal. BMW has a tradition of powerful engines that deliver a burst to accelerate and allow quick merges at speed. Bold safety features, assisted driving, and heads-up displays that keep your eyes on the road are the wave of the future.

As for the personal, you should have a vehicle that can reconfigure in a breeze. Whether you've got 5 passengers or need a large amount of storage space, it's simple to adjust the interior to fit every need you have.

Every model in the X Series is unique. Some lean toward the SUV's size and power, while some lean toward a performance car's nimble handling and lightning-fast response. Perhaps it's the entry-level X1 that catches your eye. It's a vehicle that's easy to master and is perfect for every need. Do you desire the X4's coupe-like design, nimble handling, and superb acceleration? Or do you opt for the X5's sheer power and space, all run efficiently by it's eDrive engine?

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BMW Coupe on the road

BMW Coupes Review

BMW coupes are designed for performance, handling, and style. Their road feel at speed is unparalleled. Muscular power is housed in a light but strong body built for sprinting down country roads and leaning into tight turns.

They're luxurious, they turn heads, and they're inviting. At home on the race track or on the highway, coupes like the BMW 2 and 4 Series are a thrilling escape from the everyday world.

For acceleration and handling that's talked about the world over, take the M4 for a spin. The BMW M4 has been tested time and again, in congested cities and on wide open country roads. Every time, it simply stuns. Light in feel and sharp in response, it turns errands into playtime and reshapes long, boring commutes into freewheeling adventures. Or go to the aggressive M6, a brilliant design with a racehorse's attitude and a straight-line fury made for the open highway. Compare BMW Coupes

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BMW Sedan Performance

BMW Sedans Review

A car that seats five has room for some extra horsepower as well. That's the theme of a sedan like the BMW M5, a 600 horsepower beast. It can reach 60 mph from a standstill in just 2.8 seconds. It can get to 129 mph in just 10.9. That's what Car and Driver observed when they hailed it as the quickest sedan they'd ever tested.

If you're just starting, look at the 3 Series. Handsome, comfortable, and spacious, they're designed with agility to spare. A good entry-level BMW sedan, you'll choose from a range of options that deliver power and performance.

The BMW 5 Series ranked as U.S. News #1 luxury midsize car. It's powerful and quiet, with a range of new technologies and plenty of storage space. It's the ideal no-stress car for making a positive impression. It's a perfectly balanced BMW series, full of models that are classic in feel and futuristic in execution.

The BMW 7 Series is where you should head for a bold redesign. The 7 Series focuses on outspoken character that announces you before you even step out of the car. It's complemented by silky-smooth handling and an athletic road feel. The 7 Series is the height of sedan luxury.

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BMW Hatchback

BMW Hatchbacks Review

BMW hatchbacks are the best solution when you're looking for an all-around performer. Whether it's a three or five door model, it'll have plenty of space for passengers and cargo. Complete with cutting edge safety features, underneath it all you've still got a fierce BMW that tunes you to the feel of the road and enables you to drive with assertion.

In the BMW 1 Series, you'll find three- and five-door sport hatchbacks. These are the answer to a beach trip or a relaxing camping weekend.

The hatchbacks in the BMW 3 and 5 Series are Gran Turismo models. These focus squarely on the driver getting the most out of BMW performance. They have the comforts that keep an entire family in the lap of luxury throughout the entire drive.

All BMW hatchbacks excel when it comes to low emissions and fuel efficiency, making them stress-free to drive. Compare BMW Hatchbacks.

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BMW iPerformance

BMW iPerformance Review

BMW iPerformance models are plug-in hybrid electric vehicles. BMW is pioneering efficiency with hybrid versions of its beloved models. Special care has been taken in the engineering process to ensure they have every bit the punch of their gas-powered counterparts.

This gives you a plug-in hybrid like the BMW 740e xDrive iPerformance, with strong acceleration and dreamlike handling. The best part is that for local driving, you can stay green and save on fuel – drive locally on the electric engine and punch in the gas-powered engine for combined horsepower that sends you racing down the road. It's a fun way to be responsible, save on fuel costs, and reduce the hassle of running to the gas station all the time.

What is the right BMW? When you test drive it, you'll know. The experience of driving a BMW is like none other. Whether it's the popular crossovers that fill every need, the spectacularly fast coupes, the luxurious and powerful sedans, the jack-of-all-trades hatchbacks, or the responsible and stress-free iPerformance models, there's a BMW waiting to help make driving more enjoyable, more fun, and an easier part of your life.

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