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The latest BMW models give you access to the most exciting advances in automotive technology. This includes features that read the road and makes minute adjustments to give the driver even more control, agility, and smooth handling. It can mean standout safety and driver assistance technology that keep you safe on the road, even in bad weather. It also means a host of leading-edge BMW vehicle details to empower you stay connected - safely.

Above all, the technology must serve the core driving experience of every BMW. It's all built for you, the driver and your passengers. Incredible engineering means cars that are strong, fast, smooth, nimble, with a quick burst when you need it. Search the pages below for BMW model details that make every model fun to drive, a work of art that turns heads, and comfortable and safe for every passenger. Browse new BMW inventory.

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BMW X Series DetailsSports Utilities & X Series Details

It still comes as a shock to many that an automaker known for performance coupes and luxury sedans makes sports utility vehicles. The X Series of sports activity vehicles and crossovers blend the power and cargo space of an SUV with the same innovative engineering that gives BMW cars their speed and agility. This results in spacious and capable crossovers that still boast the luxury and aggressive driving performance you've come to expect from a BMW.

Best of all, each crossover has a unique strength. The X1 and X2 put a special focus on agility and style. The X3 is incredibly versatile and adapts to any need, while the X4 is designed to deliver coupe-like performance. The X5 is the largest of the X Series and includes spacious cargo and passenger room. The X6 is performance-focused.

Each is powerful and designed for flexible arrangements that can expand depending on your need for passengers and cargo.

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BMW Coupe's DetailsBMW Coupe Vehicle Details

BMW has one of the best range of coupes on the planet. They extend from affordable starter entries into the most exciting and assertive models to have ever blazed out of a hairpin turn. The key to BMW coupes remains their nimble response and the tactile feel drivers get for the road.

The ideal coupe is light yet strong. That traditional approach of creating agile performers is now met with futuristic technology that delivers an incredible amount of control to the driver. This philosophy makes BMW coupes easily among the most enjoyable cars to drive in the world.

The 2 and 4 Series each offer a range of exciting drives with price tags that make them the perfect entry vehicles for your BMW experience. All are luxurious, but the 6 Series puts a special stamp on stately performance driving.

For experiences that are designed for tactile, assertive driving on the open road, try the M Series. The M2 offers a lot of fun on the open highway. The M4 is one of the most celebrated cars in the world due to its combination of rare agility and incredible handling. The M6 is built for speed and smoothness. What about the BMW i8? The world's top selling plug-in hybrid is perhaps the most head-turning car in BMW history.

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BMW Sedans Vehicle DetailsBMW Sedans Vehicle Details

BMW sedans are built for luxury and performance over distance. While those may seem like classic ideals, they are realized today with unparalleled technological options. These help you stay safe on the road, connect with hands-free control, and even help you figure out how to plan a long trip from the road.

The key is a car that feels like an escape from it all when you're on your daily commute and the only car you'd ever want to take on a drive up the coast. BMW sedans must excel in those two concepts, which means smooth rides, eminently detailed cabins, and unmatched performance.

The range of BMW sedans is spectacular, with the 3, 5, 6, and 7 Series all including exceptional models that increasingly deliver on performance and luxury. The sedan version of the M6 deserves special praise as a car with blazing fast speed and a remarkable drive feel.

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BMW Hatchback by the poolBMW Hatchback Vehicle Details

Hatchbacks are all about fitting into any place, any time. They should fulfill whatever need presents itself. At the same time, owning a BMW means you want to stand out everywhere you go. How do you fit in and stand out?

That's called being cool and calm. It's the quality the rarest athletes and movie stars accomplish. That's the character that BMW hatchbacks share. They offer remarkable style and performance and a stress-free ability to customize and adapt to any occasion.

Hatchbacks are included in the 3, 4, 5, and 6 Series. This allows you versions of your favorite BMW cars with hatchback accessibility and functionality.

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BMW iPerformance Vehicle Details

BMW iPerformance Vehicle Details

BMW iPerformance vehicles are designed to save. By combining electric and gas-powered engines into a complete powertrain, they enable you to travel your daily commute without spending a dime on gas – or polluting the environment. Plug in your car to charge at work or at home. If you're taking a longer trip or need extra power on the highway, just kick in both engines at once. It's two cars in one, the perfect way to save when you can and to enjoy BMW performance when you want.

The iPerformance models that are available include the 330e, the 530e, and the 740e. Take special note of the X5 xDrive iPerformance, which delivers the largest crossover BMW makes with both a hybrid powertrain and its famous xDrive all-wheel drive system.

If you need more BMW model details, be sure to ask our staff. Find your dream vehicle.

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